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Worker protections in the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard: New requirements and opportunities
The 2020 Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard promotes respect for all fundamental labor rights, and does not tolerate workers’ rights abuses in certified operations. Building on our previous standards, we have made key changes in our approach to protecting workers, with a greater focus on systems building and contextualized improvement over time.

This webinar will discuss new requirements on assessing and mitigating risk, monitoring and remediating human rights abuses through the “assess and address” system; grievance mechanisms; managing labor providers; ensuring gender equality; and progressing toward living wages and improved housing and living conditions.

We will touch on how the new Sustainability Investment and Investment Plan requirements can bolster these worker protections.

Finally, we will discuss opportunities to catalyze additional investment from companies to strengthen our certification program and RA’s work in some priority landscapes and communities.

Sep 23, 2020 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Rachel Rigby
Lead, Forced Labor @Rainforest Alliance
Rachel Rigby is a senior leader in international labor rights and compliance. As Rainforest Alliance’s Lead for Forced Labor, Rachel is responsible for co-creating the organization’s strategic and technical approaches that combat forced labor in agricultural supply chains like the Assess & Address framework. Prior to joining Rainforest Alliance, Rachel served with the US Department of Labor for 15 years where she led the development of the List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor and Comply Chain: Business Tools for Labor Compliance in Global Supply Chains.
David Phillips
Manager, Field Support Partnerships @Rainforest Alliance
David Phillips is a research scientist and responsible sourcing practitioner. As the Rainforest Alliance’s Field Support Partnerships Manager, David is responsible for developing and designing partnerships and tailored programs with market partners that strengthen our certification program and the work Rainforest Alliance does in its priority landscapes and communities. Prior to joining Rainforest Alliance, David has worked in a variety of roles leading research of impact of certification initiatives, management of international food security projects, and responsible sourcing of coffee.
Leslie Adwoa Agyapong
Manager, Reimagining Certification @Rainforest Alliance
Leslie Adwoa Agyapong has been in the agriculture and certification industry for the past nine years. Leslie has worked with smallholder farmers as a trainer on the UTZ Standard, as an auditor of UTZ, RA, Global G.A.P, 4C and other internal standards, and as a consultant in the fruits and vegetable industry in Ghana. Her auditing work in the East, West and Central African regions gave her the opportunity to interact with cooperatives, estates, farms, processors, etc. Leslie is passionate about seeing producers having the right mind set to farming and adopting good farming techniques to improve their livelihoods. As the Reimagining Certification Manager, she is responsible for rolling out the 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standard in Ghana and Nigeria.